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Quarter Life Crisis.

Audiovisual Design by Luay Eljamal

April 13-15, 2017 — Ovalhouse Theatre — London, UK

August 4-28, 2017 — Underbelly Cowgate — Edinburgh, UK

Quarter Life Crisis

by Yolanda Mercy

This funny and well-observed one-woman show explores the contradictions faced by young people when the markers of 'growing up' - having a career, a relationship and independence - are difficult to achieve. It also offers insight into life as a second generation migrant living in London, and highlights issues such as immigration, race and the expectations placed on young women today. Quarter Life Crisis had its full production premiere at The Edinburgh Fringe in 2017, where it was described by The Stage as a "vibrant storytelling show about life as a young black Londoner".


Alicia: Yolanda Mercy


Playwright: Yolanda Mercy

Director: Jade Lewis

Audiovisual Designer: Luay Eljamal


by Helen Murray & Luay Eljamal


by Luay Eljamal

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