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Young Frankenstein.

Directed by Luay Eljamal        

March 6-9, 2013 — University of Alberta — Edmonton, Canada


"The students who perform, as well as those working backstage on Young Frankenstein, come from across campus: sociology, psychology, science, engineering and even medicine. Performers in the show sing, act and even tap dance along to quirky songs like “Welcome to Transylvania” and “Join the Family Business.

"This review would be remiss without mentioning the fantastic band. Christopher Wong conducted a quartet of fabulous musicians, who completely brought the show to life. The band was fantastic; one could not expect more from them. It was an excellent idea to have a live band instead of recorded music, as it made a distinct difference in the energy of the production.

Young Frankenstein

The Wanderer

"Tonight I fell in love. With a show called Young Frankenstein. I'm sure the whole city of Edmonton could hear my laugh.

Jarrett Hennig

"Well done Luay! You did such a wonderful job directing Young Frankenstein. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I had not seen him laughed [sic] so much throughout an entire show. The casts [sic], the singing, the dancing and the comedy were brilliant!!! Awesome. Two thumbs up! We are looking forward to see your next show.

Anne Baxter

"Luay, you are a very talented, young director. Your musical, Young Frankenstein was such a delight to watch. My family and I laughed so hard throughout the entire performance. We talked about it all the way home and still were today. (well, we were actually imitating the 'Putting on the Ritz' segment). So friggin' funny! Kudos to you and your entire cast and crew. Loved it!

Sharon Price

"A HUGE Congratulations to the cast and crew of Young Frankenstein. STEIN! A truly fantastic show and incredible work by all involved! Thanks for wonderful night of entertainment and Deep, Deep Love. ;)

Rhiannon Perley-Waugh

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