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Young Frankenstein.

Directed by Luay Eljamal        

March 6-9, 2013 — University of Alberta — Edmonton, Canada

In November of 2012, I was hired to direct the University of Alberta's first Campus Musical Dinner Theatre. Working alongside choreographer Cara Chong, and Vocal Director Miranda Marks, we lead a team of 29 actors and 18 crew members towards putting on a production of Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein. The Campus Musical was a new Student’s Union initiative that went up from March 6 - 9, 2014. Our goal was to give all students from any faculty on the University of Alberta campus an opportunity to express themselves through the theatrical arts.


Frederick Frankenstein: Connor Meek
Inga: Jessica Watson
Igor: Eric Smith
Frau Blucher: Rebecca Collins
Elizabeth Benning: Daisy Daver
Inspector Kemp: Lyndon Crone
Ziggy: Celeste Birzgalis
Victor Frankenstein: Braden Price
The Hermit: Colin McDonald
The Monster: Brett Calvert
Scientist: Brooke Hodgson
Scientist: Vantanna Luh-Dudiak
Scientist: Jodie McRobbie
Scientist: Sarah Congdon
Scientist: Alexa Roth
Scientist: Alyssa Lightfoot
Scientist: Katrina Clarke
Scientist: Tyla Day
Transylvanian: Gregory Koller
Transylvanian: Reece Hebblethwaite
Transylvanian: Grady Zielke
Transylvanian: Kandis Gilks
Transylvanian: Elizabeth Yu
Transylvanian: Catherine Lynch
Transylvanian: Michaela Chiste
Transylvanian: Chandra Moir
Transylvanian: Kimberly Newman
Transylvanian: Mary-Joyce Lumanglas
Transylvanian: Jonathan Yeung


Director: Luay Eljamal 
Choreographer: Cara Chong 
Vocal Director: Miranda Marks 
Stage Manager: Darylle So 
ASM/Head of Carpentry: Corrine Pelletier
Property Master: Nicole Noel 
Tap-Dance Choreographer: Dominic Collin-Doyle 
Orchestral Conductor: Christopher Wong 
Rehearsal Pianist: Glenn Graham 
Costume Designer: Josée Chartrand
Sound Designer/Operator: Sareeta Lopez
Lighting Operator: Natasha Brocks 
Producer: Saadiq Sumar
Props Support: Ashley Shields, Lisa Dawn, Rebecca Collins 
Publicity: Amy Kwan 
Painting: Toban Shadlyn


Keyboard 1: Glenn Graham 
Keyboard 2: Melissa Chung 
French Horn: Miranda Marks 
Reeds: Justin Draper 
Bass: Lance Philips 
Drums: Ebberly MacLagan 
Flute: Cassandra Lam


by Luay Eljamal

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