Seussical the Musical was a Dinner Theatre production performed at Lister Centre, University of Alberta in April of 2012. 


The Cat in the Hat: Kyle Tennant
Horton The Elephant: Matthew Devitt
Jojo & Circus Performer: Abigail Dering 
Gertrude McFuzz: Dominic Collin-Doyle
General Genghis Khan Schmitz: Luay Eljamal
Mayzie LaBird: Erin Struble
Sour Kangaroo & Circus Performer: Andre Marie Lumanglas
Mr. Mayor & Circus Performer: Grady Zielke
Mrs. Mayor & Circus Performer: Catherine Lynch
Bird Girl & Circus Performer: Chandra Moir
Bird Girl & Circus Perfomer: Krishty Roy 
Bird Girl & Circus Performer: Emily He
Bird Girl & Circus Performer: Miranda Marks
Wickersham Brother, Circus Performer & Hunch: Barrett Luciak
Wickersham Brother, Circus Performer & Hunch: Michael Lang
Who Person, Fish, Cadet, Puppeteer & Circus Performer: Marlene Vargas
Cindy Lou Who, Swimmer, Cadet, Puppeteer & Hunch: Jocelyn Berkowitz
Who Person, Fish, Cadet, Hunter, Circus Performer, & Hunch: Amanda Short
(Who Person, Fish, Cadet, Puppeteer, Circus Performer: Stephanie Guin
Vlad Vladikoff, Who Person, Swimmer, Cadet, Puppeteer, Hunch: Daniel Kwon
Who Person, Swimmer, Cadet, Puppeteer, Hunch: Sareeta Lopez
Who Person, Fish, Cadet, Hunter, Hunch: Elizabeth Drysdale


Director: Luay Eljamal 
Choreographer/Head of Costume: Cara Chong
Musical Director/Conductor: Christopher Wong 
Rehearsal Pianist: Glenn Graham


Keyboard: Glenn Graham 
Violin: Cher-Ann Chai
Clarinet: Rachel Kwan
Drums: Daniel Kim
Flute: Rachel Renaud 
Props: Alexandra Shoen, Joanne Low, Jacquie Cream, Emily Jager & Danielle Carlson

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