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Assistant Direction & Audio Visual Design by Luay Eljamal

July 17 - Aug 2, 2016 — Finborough Theatre — London, UK

Shortly after the Conservatives win a majority government in the 2011 federal election, the prime minister discovers a secret weapon in his caucus—Jisbella Lyth, a single mother with a limited understanding of her role as an MP. Using her ignorance to his advantage, the PM hatches a plan to have Jisbella front and centre in a campaign of misdirection and distraction. Humorous and clever, Proud explores the corrosive nature of the politics of division.


Prime Minister: Nicholas Cass-Beggs
Jisbella Lyth: Emily Head
Cary Baines: Jude Monk McGowan
Jake Lyth: Will Firth


Director: Jonny Kelly

Visual & Sound Designer: Luay Eljamal

Lighting Designer: Venus Raven 

Stage Manager: Venus Raven 

Assistant Director: Luay Eljamal 

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