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C.C. Performed by Luay Eljamal

February 2019

Set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Flashdance the musical revolves around 18-year old Alex, a welder by day and '"flashdancer" by night, and her dreams of attending the prestigious Shipley Dance Academy. Based on the Paramount Pictures film, the production is described as "an unmistakably unique musical about holding onto your dreams and love against all the odds". The show includes hits "Maniac", "Manhunt", "Gloria", and the award-winning title track "What a Feeling".


Alex Owens: Helen Killorn

Nick Hurley: T.J. Carabeo

Gloria: Isabella O'Sullivan

Kiki: Brittany Sutherland

Tess: Camryn Hannigan

Harry: Norm Sutton

Jimmy: Jason Beck

Hannah/Ms. Wilde: Alexandra Durocher

Louise: Sheri Reed

Joe: David Martin

Andy: Christophe Durieu

C.C.: Luay Eljamal 

Nick: Maya Keca

Ensemble: Rachel Chew, Piper McLean, Ava Jardine, Sarah Sinclair, Morgan Sinclair, Alex McCoy, Amanda Scantland, Grace Boser, Abby Barrington, Emma Schedlosky, Leeanne Bourque, Chlaire Sapad, Melissa Cao, Emily Beauchesne, Faith Kippenhuck, Owen Mulhall, Cash Finch


Directing: Karen Towsley

Music Director: Hilary Hornberger

Choreographer: Kim HUrley

Set, Lighting & Video: T. Erin Gruber

Assistant Lighting: Beyata Hackborn

Costume Design: Melissa Mitchell

Stage Manager/Fight Choreographer: Zachary Barrett

Assistant Stage Management: Elizabeth Wells, Jahrus Weir



by Hanna Fridhed


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