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2020 Buffys - Midnight Steampunk

Project Managed & Executive Produced by Luay Eljamal.        


2020 Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards

By Arts Council Wood Buffalo

Zach and Liz climb aboard the ACWB Buffys steamship, delivering awards to each recipient of the 2020 Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards. 14 award categories, 6 performances, and numerous guest speakers and presenters — tune in to watch Wood Buffalo's premier arts event from the comfort of your own home.


The Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards were created in 2016 to recognize and celebrate excellence in various arts disciplines throughout the Wood Buffalo region. The awards are distributed at an awards showcase. In 2020, to respect physical distancing, the Showcase was held in the form on an online broadcast, dubbed a "online steampunk cinematic experience." This event served to build awareness of the incredible contribution artists make to our community. 


The recognition received by each nominee and award recipient serves to raise their profile, help build their portfolios, and allow them opportunities to compete and thrive as an artist within the community and beyond the borders of Wood Buffalo. 

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